001. View From Outside
002. Kyungwoon Museum
003. The Furthest Away
004. Eternity and a Day
005. Made to Measure
006. Plasticity 02
007. Antenna
008. Death Valley
009. Apter
010. Stranger Than Matter
011. KiKi
012. TRDST
013. Sunset Fieldset
014. Muljilsegye
015. Unknown Witness 
016. Great Comfort
017. Plasticity 01
018. Perspective Implant Manual
      Through The Looking Apparatus

019. Point in Time
020. Metaphor32
021. A Collection of Everyday Life Objets
022. La Maison Unal
023. Time After Time
024. Recto Verso
025. Type Painting
026. Bingyan Wu

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La Maison Unal

Built-in Southern France between 1973 and 2008, the Unal house, made of sculpted white plaster "bubbles", was developed by Joël Unal according to his own vision of architecture. Its peculiar aesthetics and atmosphere are translated into La Maison Unal, a project aims to transcribe these volumes in a sensitive and speculative way. The letterforms are based on the contrast between the spaces of the Unal house and the geometrical harshness of my room, where I developed the project during the lockdown. The drawing method was consisted of the folded paper, generating designs that combined curves with straight lines so that it brings to reflect Unal’s attitude and spirit in typographic approach.

Hard-cover, 122 x 200 mm, 154 pages
Language: French, English

04:41 / 04:56, B&W

Unal Serif, Italic, Sans, Sans Italic (Work in progress)

Unal (Serif, Italic and Sans)

Unal is to transpose the physical presence and distinctive character of organic forms and calligraphy influenced typeface. In the text typefaces, I carefully considered to build own narrative by the characteristic serif and the contrast into junction as well as to create a harmonious, organic flow in the text.

Type Specimen 
150 x 210 mm, 16 pages
Language: French, English

The diploma project for Master type design in ECAL, 2020
Supervised by Kai Bernau, Matthieu Cortat and Julia Born